Past Commissions

A little journal of some of my recent commissions to give you some ideas.  I really love creating new things and would love to put together a beautiful piece for your space!  Click here to contact me and we can create something together.
2023 - 'Criss Cross' (8'x8') - Giant custom piece with very modern edges for a hotel in Austin, TX
2023 - 'The Vale' Lovely soft, neutral piece with pops of rusty red and olive green
2023 - 'Ascend' - Part of a collection of pieces for Rhodes Motor Lodge in Boone, NC (All inspired by the Shenandoah Mountains)
2023 - 'Hope' in custom sizing and colors
2023 - Giant 'Valley' (10' x 7') with red accents
2023 - 'Mt leConte' (3'x4') - Inspired by a hike summit in the Smokies of Tenessee, USA
2023 - 'Tranquility' (4'x3') - Vibrant piece inspired by Lake Tahoe
2023 - 'Shawangunk Ridge' (4'x3') - Inspired by "The Gunks" in NY, USA
2023 - 'Kaleidescope' (2'x3')
2023 - 'Hanalei Bay' (6'x'3') Large piece inspired by the gorgeous flora and beaches of Hawaii, USA
2023 - 'Atlantic Bloom' on Natural driftwood
2023 - 'Alpine' in custom colors (5'x3')
2023 - 'Kettle Cove' - Inspired by the beautiful coast of Maine and the neighboring lakes
(Right Panel) 'Smoky Mountain Cascade' 5'x5' custom made for Dollywood's
Heartsong Lodge and Resort
(Left Panel) 'Smoky Mountain Cascade' 5'x5' custom made for Dollywood's
Heartsong Lodge and Resort
2023 - 'Smoky Mountain Cascade' - Two panel (10' x 5') - Inspired by The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, USA     ||    Custom made for Dollywood's
Heartsong Lodge and Resort
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'Red Rock River' 2022 - Inspired by Red Rock Canyon in Utah
(available for purchase here)
Blue Light Path Custom
2022 - Custom Unique piece 'Sunlit Path' 
Giant Waves Wedding Backdrop
2022 - XXL 'Waves' custom colors used for wedding backdrop (4.5' x 5.5')
Custom Color Mirage
2022 - 'Mirage' in custom colors (36" x 30")
Large Alpine
2022 - 'Alpine' custom made in a large size (4.5' x 3')
Hope in small with pinks and blues
2022 - XS 'Hope' with soft custom colors - pinks and blues ( 2' x 2' )
Classic Weave Sun Mountain
2022 - Classic Macrame Custom piece (48" x 30")
Blue Ridge Left Panel
2022 - 'Blue Ridge' Panel (left)
Blue Ridge Left Panel
2022 - 'Blue Ridge' Panel  (right)
Foothills in Mystic Jade
2022 - 'Foothills' in Mystic Jade (available for purchase here)
Serenity in custom colors
2022 - 'Serenity' with pinks, blues and rust
Cascade in custom colors
2022 - 'Cascade' in custom colors and size (3.5' x 3')
Serenity Wedding Backdrop
2022 - 'Serenity' with a custom gradient - Used as a wedding backdrop
(4.5' x 5')
Waves with gradient dye
2022 - 'Waves' in Small size with a light blue gradient dye
Serenity wall hanging in custom colors
2022 - 'Serenity' with different color scheme and giant! ( 6' x 4.5' )
Foothills in small size
2021 - Extra small 'Foothills' <3
2021 - 'Breeze' Coastal Contemporary Dream Panel
2021 - Teal Mountain - Double Panel
2021 - Blended Horizon (24" x 36")
2021 - Luma Sky multiple colors and more modern style
2021 - Ocean meets Sunset || 'Atlantic Bloom' [tapestry can be purchased here]
2021 - Twin Lakes Inspo [This Tapestry is available for purchase click here]
2021 - Two GIANT panels (48" x 90" each) Art Installation
2021 - Custom order with LOTS of texture! Macraweave-style
2020 - Foothills 7' x 3' with natural rope coloring at the bottom
2020 - 'Foggy Fields' 6' x 7' and color based off of 'Dusk'
2020 - Hope with added peach color to resemble a sunset
2020 - Expedition with Lemon Chiffon
2020 - Expedition with Emerald Green and a square dowel
2020 - 4ft Hope Hanging with custom colors
2020 - 5ft Hope Hanging with teal and dark blue added in
2020 - My largest project, 12x8 Giant Natural Macrame Art Installation
2020 - Shenandoah recreated with gold accents
2020 - "Dreamy Waves" for a beautiful soul
2020 - Calm Mountainscape, 8ft tall for a meditation room
2020 - "meadows" recreated smaller and in blue shades
2020 - "Dunes by the Beach"  inspired by photos taken of dunes and the water
2020 - Shenandoah recreated with pink accents
2019 - Large Shenandoah recreated with olive green accents
2020 - Commission for a Coffee Shop in NC.  'Waves' available for purchase [click here]
2020 - Winter Mountain recreated with smaller dimensions
2019 - Reflection in Custom colors and size for a client