Past Commissions

A little journal of some of my recent commissions to give you some ideas.  I really love creating new things and would love to put together a beautiful piece for your space!  Click here to contact me and we can create something together.
2021 - Blended Horizon (24" x 36")
2021 - Luma Sky multiple colors and more modern style
2021 - Ocean meets Sunset || 'Atlantic Bloom' [tapestry can be purchased here]
2021 - Twin Lakes Inspo [This Tapestry is available for purchase click here]
2021 - Two GIANT panels (48" x 90" each) Art Installation
2021 - Custom order with LOTS of texture! Macraweave-style
2020 - Foothills 7' x 3' with natural rope coloring at the bottom
2020 - 'Foggy Fields' 6' x 7' and color based off of 'Dusk'
2020 - Hope with added peach color to resemble a sunset
2020 - Expedition with Lemon Chiffon
2020 - Expedition with Emerald Green and a square dowel
2020 - 4ft Hope Hanging with custom colors
2020 - 5ft Hope Hanging with teal and dark blue added in
2020 - My largest project, 12x8 Giant Natural Macrame Art Installation
2020 - Shenandoah recreated with gold accents
2020 - "Dreamy Waves" for a beautiful soul
2020 - Calm Mountainscape, 8ft tall for a meditation room
2020 - "meadows" recreated smaller and in blue shades
2020 - "Dunes by the Beach"  inspired by photos taken of dunes and the water
2020 - Shenandoah recreated with pink accents
2019 - Large Shenandoah recreated with olive green accents
2020 - Commission for a Coffee Shop in NC.  'Waves' available for purchase [click here]
2020 - Winter Mountain recreated with smaller dimensions
2019 - Reflection in Custom colors and size for a client