What is Fiber Art?

  Fiber Art is a unique category of art that includes many mediums.  Macrame, Crochet, Knitting, Weaving, etc are all great examples.  Anything made with textiles or fibers in an artistic way can fall into this category.  I would also consider beautiful knitted sweaters to be a form of 'wearable' art.  The beauty of fiber art is it's 'free-movement' and versatility.  

  We've been accustomed to seeing most art as 'canvas' or 'sculpted.' Fiber art, however, takes both of these together to make a textured, organic look on the wall.  It's free-flowing movement brings intrigue and interest.  What I love about this most is that with certain techniques, fiber art becomes a sort of 3-D art, instead of a picture on a flat surface.


  The mediums I enjoy most, and are used most often in my work, is macrame and weaving.  With the combination of these together, you get various textures and colors to create vast mountains and landscapes (my favorite!).  Through years of experimentation, I am always working on ways of perfecting my craft.  I constantly try to bend fiber in a unique way to achieve detail through simplicity.  I love experimenting with new textiles, natural dyes, and threads to make nature come alive on the wall.  

  So if you are thinking about fiber art for your space, think about what type of setting or scenery you would want to most incorporate.  Do you live near bodies of water?  Do you love nature or maybe have a favorite destination spot that has a place in your heart?  I've had many clients reach out to me with photos of their favorite spot in nature - and I have been fortunate to have been given the opportunity to create this scene with fiber art.  So not only is it a beautiful piece of art they can cherish for years to come--it is also a memory tied into knots and weaves, a love for nature in an unforgettable place, a piece of serenity with intention.  

  If you have a special place in mind, let's memorialize this setting with a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  Contact me with your photos or ideas and we can make this special place come to life on your wall.

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